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IMPulse Cantilever Assemblies

One of the main assemblies utilized in overhead contact systems today is that of the cantilever. Cantilevers are double insulated rigid structures in which pipe, wire and fittings are constructed for securing and maintaining messenger and contact wire heights and locations. Cantilever systems are primarily used in curve applications where push-off or pull-off forces are critical. Light duty cantilevers are used where tangential situations are present. IMPulse offers an infinite variety of design options to meet the needs of cantilever systems. IMPulse provides time proven quality materials in conjunction with custom engineered cantilever systems.  IMPulse provides typical light, medium and heavy arrangements utilized in single and double track systems. To determine the type of cantilever required for your application, you may use the charts and loading diagram. Once this is determined IMPulse cantilevers provide fittings which allow adaptability. This adaptability provides for system integration and adjustability.

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Single Wire Fixed Tension SWFT Pull-Off Cantilevers (Light)

Light Cantilevers

Simple Catenary Auto Tensioning SCAT Pull-Off Cantilevers (Medium)

Medium Cantilevers


Heavy Cantilevers

Clevis Clamp 2 Inch (in) - 2

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