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Single Wire Fixed Tension "SWFT" Cantilevers (Light)

Bill of Materials

Part A

054961-6127, 0.625" Clevis/Eye Trans*Lite™ Insulator

Part B

055375-3001, Clevis Clamp 2"

Part C

056030-4001, Pipe Cap 2"

Part D

0675026, Light Duty Steady Arm Assembly 1"

Part E

056024-3003, Drop Bracket 2" (5-1/8")

Part F

056909-3002, 2"/40 Strut Trans*Lite™ Insulator

Part G

056997-3001, Spiral Guy Grip 3/8"

Part H

0674999, Insulated Swivel Clamp 4º

Part J

057183-3004, Horizontal Messenger Saddle 2"


·  Single Wire Fixed Tension SWFT Pull-Off Cantilevers (Light) - 3


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