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Item # 700300-29X, Bridging Section Insulators without Arching Horns



A - Hex Screw (Stainless Steel)
B - Main Clamp Body (Bronze)

C - Main Clamp Face Plate (Bronze)

D - Section Insulator Support Casting (Bronze)

E - Main Runner (Fiberglass)

F - Shielding Plate (Polyethylene)

G - Shield Clip (Phosphor Bronze)

H - Nut Caps (Nylon)

I - Spacer (Nylon)

J - Cotter Pin (Stainless Steel)

K - Clevis Pin (Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized)

L - Hex Nut (Bronze)

M - Hex Screw (Bronze)

N - Hex Screw (Stainless Steel)

O - Hex Nut (Bronze)

P - Flat Washer (Brass)

Q - Screw (10-32 x 5/8 Stainless Steel)

R - Flat Head Screw (8-32 x 1/2 Stainless Steel)


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