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Item # 055025-3002, No-Bo Section Insulators with Suspension Yoke

This No-Bo Insulator incorporates the addition of a suspension yoke. Utilizing the typical No-Bo insulator along with suspension yokes provides added stabilization when used with headspans or crossing wire construction. The suspension yoke adaptable location provides the added insurance that insulation between crossing wires remains safe and consistent. Normal operating wire range for the suspension yoke assembly is (0.25 [6.35mm] ~ 0.50 [12.70mm]).

Specifications  · Ratings


Wire Range

0.25 ~ 0.50 in
6.35 ~ 12.70


A - End Clip (Bronze)
B - End Right Hand (Bronze)

C - End Left Hand (Bronze)

D - Runner (Arc Resistant Plastic)

E - Compression Rod (0.88Ø Epoxy Fiberglass)

F - Tension Beam (0.88Ø Epoxy Fiberglass Covered with Shrink Fit Rubber Tube)

G - Yoke and Suspension Assembly (Ductile Iron, Hot Dip Galvanized)


12.00 lbs.


Ultimate Tensile Strength1

12000 lbs.


750 VDC
1 Based on a 2 times safety factor.


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