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Item # 0691007-3004, Non-Commutating PTFE Beam

This section insulator style is the commutating PTFE beam insulator. Designed for light rail vehicle (LRV) pantograph operation only, it provides superior strength properties due to a specially designed PTFE insulator beam. The first unit (p/n: 0691007-3003), has gliders which are positioned to provide a momentary commutation. The second unit (p/n: 0691007-3004), has gliders which are positioned to prevent commutation. Both units are used for high-speed applications, high voltage rated at 12,000 VDC as well as situations where extra high ultimate tensile strengths of 35,000 lbs. is required.

This section insulator has a standard connection tip for 350 KCML. However, those applications, which require 300 KCML, 336 KCML and 4/0 grooved contact wire, can be fitted with the proper tip for those applications.


Ultimate Tensile Strength

35000 lbs.


12000 VDC


·  Replacement Items (0691007-3004)