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No-Bo Section Insulators

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No-Bo Section Insulator

No-Bo Insulators are ruggedly constructed and versatile application section insulators. No-Bo Insulators are named for their ability to flawlessly perform under extreme tension conditions. They are strong enough to withstand the forces necessary to break the toughest trolley wire without jeopardizing their insulating or mechanical qualities.

One of the most critical design elements of the No-Bo Insulator is the end casting. Cast of solid bronze, these components develop leverage under wire tension, which puts the lower beam under tension and the upper beam in compression. The complex design of opposing stresses eliminates the warpage associated with a single member thus allowing an ultimate tensile strength of 12,000 lb. on systems reaching 750 VDC. These end castings are designed for compatibility with various mounting methods from clevis tips of various wire sizes, frogs, crossovers and live spacer applications. An additional feature of this unit is the attachment point of 0.54" diameter provided on each end casting for the mounting of power jumpers where required.

The next important feature of this No-Bo Insulator is it's insulated runner. This is the contact point of the insulator molded of a specially formulated glass-polyester designed for excellent wear and arc resistance.

The versatility of the No-Bo Insulator allows itself to be used in many applications. These applications include insulated spacers, insulated approaches and section insulators for both light rail vehicle (LRV) and electric trolley bus with shoe, wheel and/or pantograph current collectors. This versatility keeps stock requirements at a minimum level.

No-Bo Insulators are available in various lengths. The longest of these insulators (p/n: 056389-3003), rated at an ultimate tensile strength of 12,000 lb and allowing voltage limits of 1,500 VDC, is a standard unit for all turnout and crossover assemblies. This is the case except for applications where adjustable crossovers above 57 degrees are required. This unit is also used in trolley door bridge applications where maximum insulation is required to prevent pounding to metal doors. Long No-Bo Insulators are also used for non-commutating (non-bridging) applications.

The shorter units may be used where reduced electrical clearances permit.

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Item #

Ultimate Tensile Strength



055025-3001 12000 lbs. 1500 VDC 10.00 lbs.
055025-3003 12000 lbs. 700 VDC 9.60 lbs.
056389-3003 12000 lbs. 1500 VDC 11.56 lbs.
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1