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Version "P" Section Insulators

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The Section Insulators presented here are the P7 & P6 Section Insulators. These section insulators, designed for light rail vehicle (LRV) pantograph operation only, provide superior strength properties due to a specially designed laminated fiberglass beam. These section insulators are ideal for high-speed applications. The P7 version of this Section Insulator is rated for 1,500 VDC applications with an ultimate tensile strength of 22,000 lbs. The P6 version offers a higher voltage rating up to 12,000 VDC as well as providing the same ultimate tensile strength of 22,000 lbs.

These Section Insulators can be fitted with Clevis style (TC) Tips which allows for their use in variable contact wire size applications.

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Item #

Item Name

Ultimate Tensile Strength


024545-3006 Version "P6" Section Insulator 22000 lbs. 12000 VDC
024545-3007 Version "P7" Section Insulator 22000 lbs. 1500 VDC
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1